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Newport Aquarium 2017 Report
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November 14, 2017
By Tony Wootson


In June of 2017, I visited the Newport Aquarium. It is located in Newport, Kentucky, approximately 9 hours away from the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Traveling wise it's right off of I-71 on the Ohio River, directly across from Cincinnati, Ohio.

This was the third time I visited this public aquarium and each time I've dropped by, there's been something new for me to see.

I was traveling home from attending a show called Wonderfest. Wonderfest takes place in Louisville, Kentucky and is a modeling - (the kind you build, not the kind you do) - show.

Newport Kentucky is located just under 2 hours East of Louisville. I sometimes drop by on my way home from Louisville, for a visit. Each time I've visited, I've enjoyed myself.

(My Arrival)
Upon arriving at Newport, I located a public parking lot and made my way 5 blocks down the hill and 1 block over to the aquarium.

Previously, on the forward, street-facing side of the building a shark welcoming visitors had been painted. Unfortunately, this kewl picture was removed.

I did notice a banner indicating what appeared to be free parking available for attendees to the aquarium during the lunch hours.

(Oh Well! It WOULD have been helpful to have that information prior to parking in that public lot).

I made my way up the stairs and back down, walking past the entrance of the aquarium.

Before entering, I wanted to check out the other side of the building - (the side facing the Ohio River).

I'm glad I did. I discovered a really nice mural painted on the side of the building. (It went the entire length).

After taking pictures of the mural, along with admiring the view up and down the river and across it to the beautiful Cincinnati skyline, I made my way back to the admissions window.

I paid the $24.99 admissions fee and entered the building.

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