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Newport 2017 Report
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(First floor)
Inside the entrance room, there are all sorts of kewl, decorative, aquatic "props" out on display.

I took in all of the sights and sounds before proceeding down an elevator to the main floor of the aquarium.

(Found below is a floor map of the aquarium):

(Education and Conservation Themes)
One of the initial things I noticed on my first visit to the aquarium was their emphasis on educating their visitors. (I really, REALLY appreciated this).

Out of all of the public aquariums I've visited to date, Newport probably has the most amount of educational information posted on the animals they house.

Information pertaining to the animals themselves, along with the regions and specific environments they originate from is prevalent throughout the building.

(The teacher in me particularly appreciates Newport's efforts in educating children and young adults who visit their aquarium).

With so many ornamental fish housed at the aquarium, a surprisingly large amount of detailed information is also displayed on the characteristics of the fish themselves. (The fish-hobbyist in me really appreciates this fact).

The Newport Aquarium is also a great proponent of the conservation and welfare of aquatic life. Related information is posted throughout the building. In fact, additional information had been added since my previous visit two years ago.

After taking in the educational information which was displayed at the bottom of the elevator I moved on into the main room.

(Theme Tank Setups & Areas)
Newport Aquarium has different themed tanks and designated theme areas set up. This first room is titled: "World Rivers".

(World Rivers)
Situated in the center of their "World Rivers" room is a LARGE, circular tank which houses African Cichlids.

Located around the perimeter of the room are a number of additional tanks. The first one houses fish originating from Australia.

Located is another tank which houses some of indigenous fish, local to the Newport area.

Also found is a tank containing fish and aquatic creatures found in underground rivers.

Yet another tank located in this room focuses on fish found in the River Negro, (in South America).

Some interesting information on Cardinal Tetras and conservation efforts along the Rio Negro were posted.

Another tank set up in this room houses additional fish from the Amazon River.

An eighth tank here houses some of the fish from the Congo River.

The final tank here contains fish from one of the African Rift lakes.

Leaving this room visitors transition through the first of five "tunnels".

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