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Newport 2017 Report
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(Fish Tunnel #1 - Coastal Marine Fish)
The tunnels here are walkways which lead through the inside of a semi-cylinder. One enjoys a unique, 180 degree view into the environment of fish. You get a continuous look at fish swimming from one side, all the way up top and down the other side of the tunnel.

The fish in this first tunnel are from coastal areas of the ocean.

Pictures and informational snippets of the associated fish found here are posted along the corridor.

Upon exiting this tunnel you enter the "Shore Gallery" room.

(Shore Gallery)
The Shore Gallery room includes all sorts of fish and aquatic animals found in regions near coastal areas. Included are Echinoderms, (or "spiny skinned" invertebrates). Other animals showcased in this room are Diamondback Terrapin (turtles), Vermillion Sea Stars and Longhorn Decorator Crabs.

Regions included are Salt Marshes, Mangrove Forests, Tidal Rivers, River Deltas and Reefs.

Towards the end, over on the left-hand side of this room is a theater-like area, (called Shark Ray Bay Theater).

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