Sister Clubs

The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies - The Northeast Council of Aquarium Societies was established in 1956 to assist and strengthen member societies, to act as a clearing house for material relating to the aquarium hobby, to assist local societies in publicizing their events and to promote the aquarium hobby in general. These goals remain as important now as they were then. New regulations are continuously being imposed and the computer age offers so many alternatives – both tremendous challenges to the tropical fishkeeping hobby. The NEC continues to promote education and comradery gained by sharing experiences and participating in other clubs’ activities. Communication is still the key.
The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS) - The Federation of American Aquarium Societies (FAAS), formed in 1973, is a service organization of and for aquarium societies of North, Central and South America. Although the original idea for FAAS was to band together to fight for the Hobby against the proposed federal ban of importation and transshipping of tropical fish, the Federation soon realized that a wealth of information existed among its members and therefore expanded. This information, if shared and passed along, could benefit all societies. All aquarium societies face common problems of attracting new members, staffing and financing their operations, coping with internal squabbles and so forth. FAAS believes that successful ideas and methods developed by one club could easily benefit others if it was made readily available. Therefore, FAAS became a national organization serving as the mechanism of communication between clubs; bringing together ideas, suggestions and information to its member societies and other interested parties. FAAS is now primarily a virtual, web-based organization which hosts information to help societies run better.
Bucks County Aquarium Society - The Bucks County Aquarium Society was founded in 1988 by local aquarists in Bucks County, Pennsylvania interested in promoting, educating and sharing any and all experiences in the aquarium hobby. We have worked towards achieving this goal by providing members and friends with an organized monthly meeting where all can exchange ideas and learn from knowledgeable guest speakers. This is done in a friendly and Informal atmosphere which encourages sharing of tips and experiences that we all have had.
Aquarium Club of Lancaster County - We are a non-profit organization devoted to the advancement of the aquarium hobby in South Central Pennsylvania. The philosophy of the club is to provide areas of interest to the beginner as well as the advanced hobbyist.
Brooklyn Aquarium Society - BAS meets at 7:30pm on the 2nd Friday of the month in the Education Hall of the New York Aquarium. 718-837-4455
Delaware County Aquarium Society - The Delaware County Aquarium Society meets on the first Friday of every month from September to June at the Holy Myrrh Bearers Church, located at 900 Fairview Road in Swarthmore, PA 19081. Meetings start at 8 pm. Doors open at 7:30 p.m. So please, stop by and meet us when you are in the area.
Jersey Shore Aquarium Society - The Jersey Shore Aquarium Society Jersey Shore Aquarium Society meets at 7:30pm on the second Monday of every month at the South Wall Fire Rescue Company 2605 Atlantic Ave. in Manasquan, NJ. Each meeting typically features an interesting slide, movie or video presentation of tropical fish, and aquarist related topics. Our presenters are often professionals in their respective fields or experienced hobbyists..
North Jersey Aquarium Society - Our monthly meetings begin at 12:30 pm on the third Saturday of each month, (with the exception of August), at the Clark Public Library, located at 303 Westfield Avenue in Clark (Union County), New Jersey. Phone: 201-460-1700 Fax: 201-460-1722.